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liquidus stainless steel small
liquidus stainless steel small

liquidus circulation pump stainless steel small

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Our liquidus pumps replace all brands of pumps. THe 3 speed 15-5.5 SS SS PUMP SMALL is for use with domestic water as you can no longer use brass or bronze due to the new federal laws.YOU ASKED FOR IT YOU GOT IT. A HIGH QUALITY PUMP WITH 3 SPEEDS GOOD OUT TO 120 FT ON 1 INCH PIPE AND A 5 YEAR WARRANTY. THIS PUMP HAS A CHECK VALVE BUT IT IS REMOVABLE AS WELL. THIS IS REPLACED TACO 007/ BELL GOSSETT NRF22/ GRUNDFOS UPS15-58 OR FOR A BRAND NEW SYSTEM. 18 GMP AND A MAX HEAD OF 20 SPEED AMP RATING .9/.7/.5 WATTS PER SPEED 100/70/55 115 VOLT 10UF/250V CAPACITOR CURVE A3/A2/A1 TEMP RANGE 32-230 DEG F MAX PRESSURE 145PSI

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