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Pricing / Quotes

The typical total will be about $1000 to $1200 for a forced air system. It will be a little more if you have in-floor or water heat in your house. The cost of an outside line with two feed and return lines fully insulated and including water proof pipe are extra. We have any part you could possibly need in stock and we can ship them the same day. You do not need to buy a stove to buy our parts we are a full service dealer. Call for exact quotes the below listed items can change slightly per quote. 920-838-4205

Typical Parts Needed for New Installations

Y Strainer$39.99
Outside Insulated Line$3.25 - $13.75 per foot
Inside Line$1.25 per foot
Side Arm for Domestic Hot Water$105.00
Forced Air Heat Exchanger$100.00 - $250.00
Pump$75- $630
Flange Set for Pump$59.00
Fittings ( About 6 )$7.00 Each
Stove Back w/Shut Offs$59
Aquastat ( so a second thermostat is not needed )$119.00
Relay (if you have AC)$29.00