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Outdoor Wood Furnace Boiler HEAT EXCHANGER W/Blower 209,000 BTU AIR HANDLER 22x22

Your Price: $950.00
Part Number:unti heater 22x22 Shop Air Handler
unit heater HEAT EXCHANGER 209,000 BTU 22 X 22 COIL MEASUREMENT You are buying a complete unit heater heat exchanger. Perfect for heating your shop, garage, or greenhouse. Can be hung for laid on a bench or floor. The heat exchangers used for these are heavy duty units. The fins are quality .006" aluminum, 12 fins per inch. The inner copper tubing is 3/8" 3 row pass, and the outer casing is 20 gauge. The feed and return lines are 1", but can be reduced or increased to fit your system. Fans are 3 speed, 1/2hp with 1075 RPM, 115 voltage and 5.1 amp.

Please note that we need to ship to a non-residential business address for this product. IF YOU ORDER OUR INSULATE UNDERGROUND LINE, THIS PRODUCT WILL SHIP FOR FREE IF PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME! SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!!! Even after the purchase, 7 days per week! You can contact us at 920-838-4205 or 920-838-1764 with questions, or to talk to our knowledgeable staff.  22X22 unit heater HEAT EXCHANGER. HAS A 3 SPEED BLOWER FAN WITH 1300 CFM AND 269,000 BTU OUTPUT. THIS CAN BE HUNG OR LAID ON A BENCH OR FLOOR. IDEAL FOR HEATING THAT GARAGE OR SHOP THANX 920-838-4205 OR 920-838-1764 IF NEEDED