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One Quart 100% Blue Moon Pond Dye

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You are buying one quart of 100% Blue Moon Pond Dye

ENDURANCE! Blue Moon pond dye™ is concentrated and long lasting. One gallon will create a beautiful deep  blue moon™each gallon  look in a one acre pond to a depth of 16 TO 24 ft. (6,000,000 gallons of water PER GALLON) Actual coverage may vary based on water quality.

Blue Moon pond dye™ is a specifically formulated dye that is environmentally safe, non-toxic, bio-degradable and has been certified by NSF International to the ANSI/ NSF Standard 60 Drinking Water Standards. When used in the proper dilutions Blue Moon pond dye is harmless to wildlife.

Blue Moon ® Lake and Pond products are specially formulated versions of the dye Acid Blue 9 and may be used in lakes, fountains and ponds to create an attractive natural deep blue look that will enhance a water body’s natural beauty.

It is important to note the floating leafed plants such as lilies are not affected if they have already surfaced. Should product contact the leaves directly some discoloration may occur on the end of the plant leaves.


Apply directly to water body from bottle, usually from the shore or slow moving boat. the wind and water current will mix the dye throughout the entire body of water.


  • Color enhancements in fountains
  • Decorative coloration of lakes and ponds
  • Decorative coloration of golf course holes

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