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Liquidus pump small american royall

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Part Number:pump small american royall
Liquidus LPCD15-6SFC Pump

Recommended for 100ft or less round trip pumping distance. Pumps push water, not suck water so, your pump needs to go at the lowest point of the system on a ground walk off level. SO, if the home is lower or equal than the boiler, put the pump in the house. The water will gravity feed from the boiler to the home and the pump will push it back uphill to the boiler. This cuts the pumping distance in half.

We also recommend that you purchase our bleeder flange set featuring ball valves and a hose faucet so you can fill and bleed your system. NOT INCLUDED!!!!

- 3 speed
- Flow Range 0-20gpm
- Max Head 19ft
- cast iron
- Removable Check Valve (do not install check valve with open system)
- Rotor Bleed Screw
- Ceramic Shaft
- 2 year Warranty

-Replaceable with Bell and Gossett NRF-22, Grundfos 15-58, Taco 007, Wilo Star 21, Wasser GPD06 AND MORE!!!

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